Getting Started with Digi-Key Marketplace: DK+ Marketplace User Guide

Marketplace FAQ Topics

Does Digi-Key confirm customer payment?

Yes. We do a credit card authorization on each customer making an order. If for some reason the payment fails, you will still be paid in full for the order if you've already shipped it to the customer.

Additional resource: Accounting FAQs.

How do we invoice Digi-Key in the Marketplace?

You will not be responsible for this. Digi-Key will get your banking information and either do an ACH transfer directly into your bank if you have a U.S. banking entity or there will be a wire transfer to your bank if located outside of the U.S.

Additional resource: Accounting FAQs.

Is there a fee for the wire transfer?

Yes - approximately $40.

Additional resource: Accounting FAQs.

Can I be paid in currencies other than US dollar?

All payments to suppliers today are paid out in US dollar currencies only.

Additional resource: Accounting FAQs.

Does the supplier need to worry about paying state sales taxes?

Digi-Key will give the supplier a sales tax exemption certificate which are used to show the supplier that Digi-key is exempt from the supplier taxing us on the purchase of the parts, as they are for resale. Digi-Key tracks and calculates what is needed in tax dollars and remits this to the appropriate authorities. Please email if you need the tax exemption certificate.

Additional resource: Accounting FAQs.

How do I send Digi-Key updated banking information?

Please send your updated internal banking form to along with your company's name.

Why does Digi-Key require liability insurance?

General liability Insurance is needed for any number of reasons that litigation can be brought against your company such as errors on your datasheet, product faults, changes or revisions to your product that causes issues & failures with existing designs, extended lead times or lengthy out of stocks that disrupt deliveries, or any of the many other reason that litigation may be brought against a company. See Example of Liability Insurance Here: Docs/Certificate of Liability Insurance Info.pdf

What levels of coverage are needed?

Digi-Key requires $1M per Occurance and another $1M of additional coverage or an aggregate of $2M in liability coverage.

I ship from outside of the USA, do I still need insurance?

Digi-Key requires liability insurance for coverage in the regions of product sales. This coverage can be from any insurance company that extends coverage into North America.

Who is responsible for the duties and taxes associated with shipping to international customers from the USA?

We ask suppliers shipping from the USA to other countries to ship products either CPT (Carriage Paid To) or DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Incoterms:

CPT = The end customer responsible for import duties and taxes upon delivery. This is the standard and preferred method.

DDP = The seller is responsible for import duties and taxes upon delivery.

No changes need to be made within your store regardless of incoterm preference.

What are some International carriers that Digi-Key would reccomend?

You can use any of the major carriers such as UPS, Fed-Ex or DHL. Most shippers offer tools to estimate your import duties and taxes based on product. Example - UPS Worldship. Calculate Customs Duty and and Import Taxes:

How do I update the list of countries I can ship to?

Please download and complete the International Shipping & Checklist form along with your Company Name and contact information to

How does Digi-Key search work?

Digi-Key's part search focuses on keywords and parametric values associated on products to help narrow down products. Read more here:

I changed my description in my offers but my part pages are still showing the same descriptions.

The description fields in your offer or offer sheet, are for your internal use only. They are meant to be housed in your seller portal only. We collect the 32 character short description you see on your part pages, from the description you provide on your product sheet. The Detailed Description on the part page is generated by Digi-Key only based off your product's product attribute data. All description changes can be sent to

Can I list one of my products under two different categories and subcategories?

At this time, you can only list each product under one category family.

What if none of Digi-Key's categories works for my product?

Please mark your product as uncategorized and Digi-Key will look at your product and determine if there is an existing fit for it or the potential to create a new product family.

Where will my products be located on the website?

Your products will be located on our main website. The two notable differences between your product pages and that of one of our core suppliers, is that the page will tell customers that the product is a Marketplace product and that it's shipping from your company with a stated lead time to ship.

Why can't my colleague see our products from his office overseas?

If you have not gone through the international checklist your products will only be shown on the US .com website. Also, ensure you are browsing the international Digi-Kery site with USD selected.

Can I change my listings after they have been added to the Digi-Key website? Things including descriptions, data sheets, images, parameters, etc...

Yes - you can send your request through for any of these changes.

How do I make my parts findable on the Digi-Key website?

The best way you can help customers find your products on our website, is by providing parametric information for as many parts as you can. You can do this by exporting the data from your system and sending it to

If you cannot get an export, you can create a new excel sheet with column headers specific to manufacturer number, and then any parameters you want to identify, such as size/dimension, color, weight, etc. Send this file along with your company name to

Can I list more than one photo or datasheet?

Yes, we can accept up to 5 photos and additional content around product information.

Can my search placement be improved on Digi-Key's website?

Digi-Key's web search uses an algorithm for placement with a number of factors to include qty available, number of searches, sales history, customers purchasing and other factors. Having strong quantities and competitive resales will improve your search activity and placement. Please see this Elements of a Quality Listing document.

Are there ways to ensure that I am making maximum use of Digi-Keys search engine?

Yes, by eliminating duplicate terms in your product descriptions and ensuring your parametric data is fully populated will offer you the widest search terms available for your products. Ensure your terms are similar to other similar products to ensure that you both will get returns on similar terms searched.

How long does it take for changes to reflect on the Digi-Key website?

This table view of your products can take time to refresh. Please give it 24 hours from the time of your offer changes within your portal, to check back. You may also try clearing your cache if the issue is not resolved within 24-48 hours.

Can I pay to have my products surface for search terms?

At this time we do not offer sponsored listings.

What opportunities exist for me for marketing my products?

Various opportunities exist. Enable your customers to purchase your products by linking to your products on Utilize your Supplier Marketing Center (SMC) to promote products, capabilities and your business. Surface your products to customer searches by reviewing the Quality Listing Document to complete your product listings. Check out the resources below.

How to link to your item on Digi-Key's site.

How to build your Supplier Marketing Center.

Quality Listing Document Image.

Do you offer co-op marketing opportunities?

Digi-Key offers free marketing such as your own Supplier Marketing Center (SMC) page. Use this resource to learn how to build out descriptions, videos, resources and promote products on your marketing center page.

Can I have customers build their part number from my datasheet and then place my order with Digi-Key?

At this time, you will need to provide Digi-Key with each individual part number and respective pricing. All individual combinations will need to be loaded as a seperate SKU.

Can we offer customizable products to Digi-Key customers on

At this time we cannot accommodate customized products. We recommend focusing in on popular standard products to list in your Marketplace store.

Do I ship my product to Digi-Key?

In the Marketplace model, you will be shipping directly to the customer from your warehouse.

Can I use the marketplace program for Hazmat products or products that need special certifications for shipping?

Yes, the marketplace program is excellent for listing these products. Please note that your company is responsible for shipping these products to the customer.

Does Free Shipping make that much of a difference for a supplier's sucess?

Free Shipping gives you an edge over many other suppliers products when choosing free shipping. Customers will often drop a Free Shipping item into their basket over a product that charges a seperate shipping fee. In addition, Free Shipping occasionally opens your products to a wider assortment of SKU's selling and for customers to review.

Additional resource: Shipping Strategies.

Who sets up MSRP prices that the end customer pays?

The supplier (you) sets the prices for each product within their seller portal.

What is the maximum number of pricing tiers I can add to a product's offer?

You can add a maximum of 9 tiers for each product.

Do you work with 3rd party services such as channel advisor to help onboard products?

We do not work with any third parties for onboarding products.

How do I check in on my onboarding progress?

You can email for status.

What is the commission Digi-Key takes?

Digi-Key takes 25% commission off the sale price of your products within each order.

Will Digi-Key be sending me Digi-Key packlists and boxes to use for shipments to customers?

You will be shipping directly from your warehouse using your own packlists and materials. There is no need to include Digi-Key branding as the customer knows from the website that the product will be shipping directly from you.

I updated my offers in the portal. Why is the table listing of my products not updated?

This table view of your products can take time to refresh. Please give it 24 hours from the time of your offer changes within your portal, to check back. You may also try clearing your cache if the issue is not resolved within 24-48 hours.

What is the Seller Portal Login Page?

Do I need to have my portal open each day and monitor when an order comes in?

No, Digi-Key will send you an email each time that an order is transacted to alert you to a new order. You only need to respond and login to your portal once the email is received.

Can we automate the daily inventory and costs for our products?

Yes - there is an API guide that we can provide you to help automate these processes.

Is there an automated way to update my stock or prices?

Yes, Digi-Key offers a full library of API calls that can be used to update your offer details daily or weekly from your system. Refer to the API guide on how to start.

How often can I refresh my data?

We recommend a daily refresh of quantities and any other offer information (such as msrp & lead time to ship) that may change regularly.

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