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By using Digi-Key’s state of the art warehouse and logistics center, we bring the capabilities of a 3PL warehouse along with a longstanding, global customer base and world-class on-demand fulfillment and transaction website to market, sell, pick, pack, and ship your products globally.

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Benefits to Digi-Key Fulfillment

Digi-Key is Trusted by Customers

Digi-Key is a trusted partner for many Fortune 500 global companies. By utilizing our world-class storage, product breakdown value-added services, and negotiated shipping rates, you will be exposed to over 800,000 customers in all regions of the world.

  • Competitive storage fees compared to 3PL warehouses
  • Shipping benefits, marketing, and selling
  • Be a part of Digi-Key's global SEO/SEM program
  • Language translation and local currency support

Benefits of having products at Digi-Key

Having your products stored at Digi-Key's state of the art warehouse, you will benefit from a highly efficient pick, pack, and ship process for which Digi-Key is known. Let us handle all your storage and fulfillment needs while you grow your business. Benefits include:

  • Same day shipment until 8PM CST
  • Product breakdown of tubes, tape & reel, bulk, or trays
  • Products stored in a climate-controlled warehouse
  • Static or moisture sensitive, no problem

Application Required to Receive Service Rates

(see FAQ section for more details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about fulfilled on DigiKey.com


Is there a limit to how many products I can offer?

No, you can add as many products as you want up front and add additional products later.

How is my resale pricing determined?

Digi-Key uses a pricing curve based from your costs, in order to arrive at a competitive tiered resale.

How do I enter Product Costs for Digi-Key?

Digi-Key will use the product costs provided and price your resales in US Dollars using various inputs such as Manufacturers MSRP or List Pricing, Published Resales similar to other distributors while using an acceptable markup formula for each product category.

What if my product is Static sensitive?

Digi-Key’s warehouse is certified down to 100V HBM and has ESD areas of Storage.

Can I offer special handled products such as needs refrigeration or sent inside a cold pack?

Digi-Key would need to review storage and shipping requirements before approving products like this.

Who will verify payment methods to reduce or eliminate credit card fraud?

Digi-Key will handle all aspects of the transaction to include customer vetting, credit and payment review and extending credit to customers that qualify.

Can I add additional products or remove products anytime?

Yes, Digi-Key will add products as you direct us and will accommodate these additions in a timely fashion. We will follow the same process as your initial addition. Product returns will follow a similar RMA process to remove inventory as needed by suppliers but may be grouped in slightly longer timelines to accommodate reviewing open, scheduled customer orders and making a determination of removed inventory.

Will Digi-Key breakdown my products for small piece shipments?

Yes, Digi-Key will offer breakdown and repackage services for all shipments or products requiring less than standard pack orders.

What products will Digi-Key not handle?

Most products can be accommodated by Digi-Key’s warehouse except for caustic or highly flammable chemicals, compounds and materials that may require hazardous product labels, may have other special handling or storage requirements.

Finance and Payment

How will I know when a sale is made?

Digi-Key will send you a monthly Point of Sale Report in NEDA format that shows activity for the last 30 days.

Who do I send the invoice after shipment to Digi-Key?

Because you will own the inventory within our warehouse, you will not invoice Digi-Key. At the end of each month, Digi-Key will send you a monthly Point of Sale report and pay you for any products sold within the past 30 days. You will want to send Digi-Key your Invoices of the products sold from the POS report, monthly to FulfilledByDKAP@digikey.com.

Supplier Invoices

Digi-Key will send you the information necessary to invoice us for parts sold on the first of the month, from the prior month. Once we receive your invoice, we will enter your invoice into our system and pay you Net 30 from your invoice date. Example: POS report for February 2021 sales sent to you via email on 3/1/2021; You send us invoice for sales with an invoice date of 3/1/2021, we will pay you on or before 4/1/2021.

Do I have to collect sales taxes?

No, Digi-Key will collect and file all required sales taxes for each state or export to foreign countries.

How often will I be paid?

Digi-Key will pay all program participants monthly based on activity of the last full month. Payment is typically made as ACH in US funds. If an International Wire transfer is requested, Digi-Key will deduct the cost of the International Wire transfer (typically around $40.00) from your amount to be wired.

How will I pay for my Setup and Storage fee’s?

Digi-Key will send an electronic invoice monthly along with your monthly sales report. You can elect to have Digi-Key deduct this from the amount paid each month from your sales or you can pay this fee separately.

What is the Return Fee?

Digi-Key will use a set dollar amount for all shipments returned to us, regardless of the packages destination. This fee will be included as a separate line item for each shipment returned in the given month. Fee amounts will be sent, once your application is received.

Digi-Key will be cutting down my Tape and Reel, is there any additional charges for this?

Yes, there is a second pick location charge added and a cutdown part number will be charged on the initial setup of those parts. Example – If you have 2-part numbers that are Tape and Reel and want to offer them in less than reel quantities, you will incur charges for 4 pick locations and initial setup of 4 part numbers – 2 cutdown and 2 full reels. An additional part number and stocking fee is required for custom reeled products known as DKR or Digi-Reels.

What is the Weekly Inventory Report and how is that sent?

At the end of each week, we will send via email, a report of your inventory by SKU, for the purpose of determining if replenishment is required. This report will be in Excel format and easily imported or opened for review.

Shipping and Purchase Order

Where do I ship my products?

You will ship all inventory to Digi-Key’s warehouse in Thief River Falls, MN. This will be arranged when we send you the First Article Purchase Order.

What is the Weekly Inventory Report and how is that sent?

At the end of each week, we will send via email, a report of your inventory by SKU, for the purpose of determining if replenishment is required. This report will be in Excel format and easily imported or opened for review.

I’m shipping my product into the USA, what do I need for this?

You will ship your products using DDP Incoterms to Digi-Key’s docks. As such, you will need to be the importer of record and are responsible for all duties and taxes into the USA. Supplier and Carrier have product responsibilities until arrival on Digi-Key’s docks.

What carriers can I use when shipping from outside of the USA?

You can use any of the major carriers such as UPS, Fed-Ex or DHL. Most shippers offer tools to estimate your import duties and taxes based on product. Example - UPS Worldship.

Can I ship ExWorks?

Shipments from outside of the USA into Digi-Key will need to use DDP Incoterms.

Do I need anything else if I am shipping from outside of the USA?

You will need to have an IRS Tax Identification number or EIN number to act as Importer of Record for your products. You can apply here.

What if my product is large or on a pallet?

Storage rates will be calculated by the square footage that your products will take.

Who is responsible for lost inventory or missing shipments?

Digi-Key will accept responsibility for products, once received at our facility. Any missing items, shortages or lost packages will be handled by Digi-Key’s current policy and will not affect the supplier.

Worldwide Shipping From a Single Point

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