Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Digi-Key Marketplace program work?

Once approved, you are given access to your own supplier portal. You determine the products you sell, you determine your price, you set up your shipping, and once a customer orders your product from you ship directly to them.

How do I sign up for the Digi-Key Marketplace?

Go to, and fill out the application online. Once we have reviewed and approved your application, we email login information. You will be assigned a product manager who will be responsible for helping you build your store. Once your store is created, your products will show up on and you are ready to go.

How are customer inquiries handled?

All customer service inquiries are initiated via Digi-Key’s world-class customer service experience. You will be notified if a customer has a question or issue with an order. You will then communicate directly with the customer through your own seller portal.

I am already a Digi-Key seller, how does this program impact me?

If you are a current supplier with Digi-Key, nothing changes. However, if there are products in your portfolio that Digi-Key doesn’t currently carry, you can work directly with your product manager to determine how this program can benefit you.


Can I sell Built to Order products on the Digi-Key Marketplace?

Yes you can! We allow you to set your own lead-to-ship time for each product. Customers will know exactly how long it takes your company to build and ship your products.

Can I sell services on the Marketplace?

At this time, the Marketplace is only taking sellers with physical product.

Who sets prices for my Marketplace products?

You do. Digi-Key does reserve the right to modify prices for two purposes:

  1. Adherence to price fixing laws, and
  2. If a supplier were to enter the market and attempt to undercut all competition by lowering their sale price below standard market pricing, we would adjust the price upward to put all suppliers on an equal footing. We don’t want a supplier trying to “buy” the market and force out the competition. At the same time, at no point would we adjust downward the resale cost, as that would impact the market as a whole and reduce the revenue of the supplier – obviously unfair to all involved.

Who is the target audience for my products?

We are targeting both existing Digi-Key customers and new customers looking for lines of products not originally available on the Digi-Key website.

Can I set a minimum order quantity and/or volume pricing?

You can do both! You can specify this information for each product you sell on the Marketplace.

Can I ship to customers outside the USA?

Yes, the Marketplace supports global shipments of orders placed with USD currency.

Can I join the Digi-Key Marketplace if I don’t have a US-based warehouse?

Yes, you can! Ensure all products you plan to sell and ship to the US comply with all US import and export regulations. As the shipper, you are responsible to ensure that all outbound shipments from your international warehouse include the proper labeling and packaging as required by US customs import laws.

It is the best customer service experience that you ship the orders as delivery duty paid (DDP) which means you as the shipper will be responsible to pay all duties and taxes. This method provides the best customer experience and will minimize customer denied shipments. You as the Supplier can be the importer of record or utilize a customs broker to facilitate customs clearance and payment of duties and taxes.

It is also an option to ship products under carriage paid to terms (CPT) which means you, the Supplier, will only pay for transportation to the final destination and the customer, as the importer of record, will be responsible to pay applicable import duties and taxes.

Overall, it is best to consult with your logistics carrier for specific details.

Sales Taxes

Do I have to collect taxes?

No! Digi-Key flash-purchases your products as they sell. We take responsibility for collecting all taxes in each state.

Will I receive a 1099 Tax Statement during tax season?

We will not be sending a 1099 as we flash-purchase your product, thus making it a resale product.

Does Digi-Key provide me a tax-free certificate?

Yes, we supply a tax-free certificate for all US states.


Do I have to pay a monthly membership to be a seller?

No you don’t! Signing up for the Marketplace is completely free. We don’t charge you a monthly fee to sell on our website.

Do you take commission from shipping?

No we don’t! We only take a commission of the sale of an order or product. You set and keep the entirety of your shipping cost.

Does the customer pay for the order immediately, or can we offer payment terms?

If a customer has payment terms set up with Digi-Key, those terms may be used for Marketplace products.

Is the Digi-Key Marketplace a different web-site than

No, the experience for the customer is exactly the same. Your brand and products appear on the site like any other product. We manage payment processing, we cover taxes, and we handle 1st-line customer support.

Have Additional Questions?

If you have additonal questions you feel haven’t been answered, please contact us through the link below and we will get with you as soon as possible.