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Digi-Key Marketplace

The new way to sell your products to MILLIONS of potential engineering customers each month.

About the Digi-Key Marketplace

The Digi-Key Marketplace is a new B2B electronics marketplace open to suppliers and distributors to offer their products and services on Participating in the market is fast and easy, and puts you in front of millions of buyers.

Digi-Key Marketplace Fast Facts

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More visibility =
New Customers

Get your brand in front of millions of relevant customers.

Selling is easy and low risk

We handle transactions; you don’t pay until your product sells.

Your brand experience

Create your own supplier store with your brand, content, and more.

Control your business

Manage your entire business on Digi-Key through your own supplier portal.

What sellers are saying

Working with Digi-Key and their Marketplace Team has been one of the most professional and rewarding experiences in our company’s existence. Together, we have been able to provide better outcomes for our mutual customers in ways that we could have never accomplished on our own. It is the classic case where 1 + 1 = 3.

Jim Kalb



We're glad to expand our reach to customers who may not be familiar with TubeDepot. Many enthusiasts often need a combination of analog NOS parts and modern electronic components. Our participation with the Digi-Key Marketplace gives a customer the option to obtain a wide variety of electronic parts to complete almost any project with the highest quality solutions available.

Joe Austin

Chief Operating Officer


Digi-Key Marketplace has helped us reach many customers that we previously did not have contact or accounts set up with and has given visibility of our inventory to hundreds of OEMS. The team has been very responsive and helpful, especially through start up. They are very willing to share tips and best practices.

Jeff Ittel

Executive Vice President

Flip Electronics

Included Features

Simple, easy to use

These tools allow you to spend less time managing your store and more time making a profit:

  • Dedicated supplier portal
  • Personalized supplier store
  • Real-time sales data

Reach customers all over the world

Build your brand and customer growth with
Digi-Key and our support teams.

  • Unlimited product listing
  • New product configurators
  • Increase sales on
All this is included with no entry fee!
You only pay when your product sells!
(see FAQ section for more details)
Let's get started!

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Interested in Digi-Key managing your logistics?

Let Digi-Key manage all of your pick, pack and ship logistics with our new “Fulfilled by Digi-Key” program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling on
How does Digi-Key make money from our products and partnership?

Digi-Key takes a 25% commission from the sale price of each order. There is no monthly fee. As part of this your brand will be part of our overall marketing engine, which can include search, Google Shopping, newsletters, and site exposure. Additionally, you will have access to millions of new potential customers, providing you with new revenue. Finally, since you only pay when your product sells, there is little risk.

What type of products are restricted on the Digi-Key Marketplace?

Digi-Key typically restricts products that are ITAR-affected or require special military, QPL, nuclear, or aerospace approval. Other products not recommended are medical or life-sustaining devices and devices for human implant. In addition, used, reclaimed, and counterfeit products are not acceptable Marketplace offerings. Digi-Key reserves the right to exclude any products it deems restricted Marketplace products.

Why should I sell my products on the Digi-Key website?

Millions of relevant potential customers visit each month. Upon approval, you gain access to these new customers without doing all the work typically associated with finding new customers, and your product is listed on the site and can be found instantly.

How does my company get paid?

Invoice cycles are every seven days, invoiced on Net 30 terms. For all orders within that time frame that have been received by the customer and show “Received” status in your seller portal, you will be sent payment.

How will Digi-Key attract customers to my products?

There are various ways that Digi-Key will bring customers to your products. Search engine optimization alignment--both on as well as paid searches from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines--is provided. Additionally, you will be able to create your own branded supplier page, where you can offer product favorites, videos, articles, or anything that will help customers learn more about your brand and offerings.

Does Digi-Key have a product storage and shipping program from their facility?

Yes, Digi-Key does have a Fulfilled by Digi-Key program whereas Digi-Key will store and ship your products globally, to all customers. Products will be offered on all global websites and currencies and you can add or remove products at any time. More information can be found here.

Have Questions?

We're here to answer your questions. Contact the Digi-Key Supplier Team and we'll answer any additional questions you might have about the Marketplace that is not listed above.